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Minerals & Mining

With owning 10 mining sites in Khorasan provinces is one of the biggest producers of chromite in the country and middle east and also our Mining Co. has a great role for developing non-petroleum exports of I.R.Iran with production capacity of 500000 tons per year.

May 06,2019

Steel ,Iron ,Aluminum

Our iron, steel and aluminum group has tried to create a trustful mutual relationship with customers. We have access to great sources of iron, steel and aluminum. Recently we are working on valuable metals too.

May 06,2019

Geen Energy & Industries

Mokhtar Int.  trading Company offers the top brands and the best prices for Renewable and Non-Renewable energy sources, specially on Wind Turbines & Solar panels from trusted and well known  manufacturing companies in all over the world.   Through our global network, professional teams, independent sources, honest and strong relationship, we are able to supply your needs in the shortest time and lowest cost.

May 06,2019

Marine Shipping

Transportation and distribution services are a vital part of today's rapid pace of business environment. When everything is smooth, there seems to be very little to differentiate between one services to another, but if something goes afield, or is delayed another solution is needed.

May 06,2019

Jewelry & Preciuos stones

Our activities include the whole process of manufacturing, from rolling and casting to cutting, engraving, polishing and etc. Your order will be delivered with competitive prices.

May 06,2019


Finance and Investment division of group (Tuscan Investment Co.) was established under the laws of Islamic Republic of Iran with the purpose of centralizing and solidifying potentialities of the private sector in order for participation in projects in line with the contents of Article 44 of constitution defined as the missions ad duties of the private sector (this is in line with the provisions of Article 44 of Iran Constitution for minimization of Government domination in the industry ; and execution and support of privatization concept), has been registered and established with an initial equity of about 90000000 USD from 126 real and legal shareholders which is planned to turn into a 1,000,000,000 USD public joint stock company in the near future.

May 06,2019
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