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About Us

Mokhtar International Groupas a holding company with the aim of development and exploitation , including import, export and consulting service, committed to long-term domestic and international business strategies and experiences, which enable us to serve several worldwide business groups.

Each division of our activities is a link between you and our company, and in this way, our strong connections with great manufactures and producers of all around the world enable us to give you best services within the latest international standards.

Our global activities have been started in North and South America, Asia and Europe since 1988 and still continue improving in five different main continents of the world (i.e. Asia, Africa, America, Australia and Europe)

Through our global network, professional teams, independent sources, honest and strong relationship, we are able to supply your needs in the shortest time and lowest cost.

Due to our excellent global financing opportunities, Mokhtar Int. Group. Is in a position to ensure and secure trades as well as payments to suppliers worldwide.

One of our success points is ensuring your benefits. Due to this, Mokhtar International. Group is remarkably positioned within the world's major trading Companies.