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A trans girl goes back to the family after
twelve years. Born in an iranian traditional
family,  Kaveh (Kimia)  walks in  disguise as a
woman.  In  order  to  operate  gender
reassignment surgery to become a woman, he needs his/her father’s approval. But his/her
father won’t give consent for surgery  because of  ex-treme fanatic beliefs;  she has to do all it takes  to operate the   surgery and put an  end to his\her suffering

Jul 16,2023

Ultimate project

Ultimate project

Ultimate is a virtual tower, in the Metaverse basin, which accommodates economic, social and cultural events. With the Ultimate project, you can embrace the future with one click. A future that is no longer a dream.

A different experience in the buying and selling market along with a special experience and creating a different sense of space. Ultimate can open a new window in the area of    economic relations.

Nov 06,2022


1. Along with the increasing development of communication and information services and vast effect of them on other units and more especially social and economical activities; Mokhtar Holding has reached remarkable achievements in the field of IT by using the most prominent people in the mentioned field, this prosperity will soon be publicized for the first time in the globe.

Nov 06,2022

Oil & Gas

Considering food as a person, energy would be a society by contrast. Our energy and petroleum group is the heart of this industry. Our activities include providing gas and oil facilities, petrochemical industries and etc. We give services to different groups such as refineries, manufacturing plants, pipeline terminals, etc.

May 06,2019


Mokhtar International Trading Company is honoured to supply all different agricultural Products, animal feeds and cereals from the best Southern America manufacturers with high quality and competitive prices to its customers from all over the world..

May 06,2019

Chemical & Petrochemical

Mokhtar Int. Group with 30 years of experience, is the largest supplier of Iran's Petrochemical and chemical products to the international markets. It is also one of the major Middle-Eastern companies, which is involved in marketing and sales of petrochemical products to the domestic and overseas markets. Trying to expand its market presence through improving product quality and offering better services to meet customers needs and finally satisfying them are amongst group's main objectives.

May 06,2019
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